Goracle rewards

Rewards for powering the system are paid out instantly to the community members behind Goracle.

Check back soon to see how rewards are calculated.


The Heart of Goracle

Feed Providers are the heart of Goracle, and earn the biggest share of rewards. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can become an FP.

Powering the system

Node runners are rewarded for honest uptime. It's simple to earn rewards as a Node runner, contact us to learn how you can participate.

Catch Bugs; Eat Good

Bounty hunters are the last step of securing the system. Hunt bad feeds and get rewarded for your efforts. Join the waitlist to participate in incentivized testnet

Start contributing today.

Join the testnet and sign up to be a feed provider, node runner, or bounty-hunter. You can also help us test using price oracles in your application on testnet.